Workshop Topics

IUMS 2022 Workshops will include the following topics: 

A. Virology (VIR)

B. Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology (BAM)

C. Mycology & Eukaryotic Microbiology (MEM)

A1. Virus discovery and virome studies

A2. Antiviral immunity

A3. Mechanisms of replication and assembly

A4. Virus evolution and emergence

A5. Pathogenesis of viral diseases

A6. Novel approaches to virus control

A7. Sex differences in virus host interaction

A8. Determinants of host range

A9. Virus dynamics in reservoir hosts

A10. Antiviral drug resistance and immune evasion

B1. Host-pathogen interactions

B2. Plant-microbe interactions

B3. Microbial communities and microbiomes

B4. Human microbiome and health

B5. Frontiers in bacterial structural biology

B6. Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance

B7. Microbial evolution and diversity

B8. New Insights into phage bacteria interactions

B9. Microbial biotechnology and applied microbiology

B10. Extremophiles and archaea

B11. Gene expression, gene regulation and development

B12. Food microbiology

C1. Importance of data management for sustainable futures (COMCOF)

C2. Food Mycology/Taxonomy Penicillium and Aspergillus

C3. Oomycetes as biocontrol agents and parasites

C4. Advanced life cell imaging

C5. Mycoviruses

C6. Skin Neglected Tropical Diseases

C7. Eukaryotic anti-microbial resistance

C8. Mycobiomes