Abstract Topics

Late-breaking Abstract submission is open until 18 May!

Please see below a complete list of the accepted topics and submit your research.

  1. Virus discovery and virome studies
  2. Antiviral immunity
  3. Mechanisms of replication and assembly
  4. Virus evolution and emergence
  5. Pathogenesis of viral diseases
  6. Novel approaches to virus control
  7. Sex differences in virus-host interaction
  8. Determinants of host range
  9. Virus dynamics in reservoir hosts
  10. Antiviral drug resistance and immune evasion
  11. Host-pathogen interactions
  12. Plant-microbe interactions
  13. Microbial communities and microbiomes
  14. Human microbiome and health
  15. Frontiers in bacterial structural biology
  16. Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance
  17. Microbial evolution and diversity
  18. New Insights into phage bacteria interactions
  19. Microbial biotechnology and applied microbiology
  20. Extremophiles and archaea
  21. Gene expression, gene regulation, and development
  22. Food microbiology
  23. Importance of data management for sustainable futures (COMCOF)
  24. Food Mycology/Taxonomy Penicillium and Aspergillus
  25. Oomycetes as biocontrol agents and parasites
  26. Advanced life cell imaging
  27. Mycoviruses
  28. Skin Neglected Tropical Diseases
  29. Eukaryotic anti-microbial resistance
  30. Mycobiomes
  31. Climate change and microbial life
  32. Complex systems, disturbances and disruption
  33. Microbiomes and viromes in the Anthropocene
  34. Innate immunity as a first-line against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  35. Return after a period of absence: dormancy, persistence and relapse
  36. The development of resistance: host-pathogen arms race
  37. Emerging diseases in ‘One Health’ context
  38. Other